Moving can be a stressful time in your life and selecting the right can be very complicated, but with some planning and research the entire process can go much smoother.

Helpful Information

  • Find a reputable moving company and take the time to check references.
  • Get estimates from several moving companies to assure competitive pricing.
  • Find out if the company has insurance and get your answers in writing.
  • Be as detailed as possible with the movers when supplying information on how large the job is so they can send an adequate crew to handle the job.
  • Travel light, throw out old junk. Possibly plan a garage sale! All packing should be finished before the movers arrive.
  • Record expenses incurred during your house hunting trips. You will also want to save your moving receipts (if the move is employment related) for future tax deductions.
  • Draw up a floor plan of where you think your furniture should be placed. This will help avoid confusion for you and your movers.
  • Prepare a checklist of things to take care of before the moving day, take care of utility arrangements like the phone bill in advance.
  • Discontinue deliveries, electricity, water and gas, newspaper, phone and garbage collection
  • Gather all valuables, jewelry and important papers (birth certificates, deeds, documents) to take with you personally.
  • Pack an arrival kit of necessities just in case you arrive before the mover.
  • Get refunds from your present utility and phone companies and arrange for service at your new home.

Helpful Moving Links

To help you make your move easier, here are some links that you may find helpful. We hope these resources are helpful to you and we look forward to moving your stuff soon!